“Artificial Apple Production in Fraiburgo, Brazil, 1958–1989”

This article, “Artificial Apple Production in Fraiburgo, Brazil, 1958–1989,” by Jó Klanovicz explores connections between the “domestication” of apples in Southern Brazil, the polemic on contaminated apples in 1989, and the reactions of the apple industry to the news published in the press on the use of pesticides in Brazilian orchards.

"Roundup Ready": The First Widely Used Genetically Modified Crop

The multinational, agricultural biotechnology corporation Monsanto developed the first widely used genetically modified crop with the introduction of the “Roundup Ready” soybean.


Rachel Carson's Silent Spring: Encounters and Legacies

About this issue

This issue of RCC Perspectives takes a sweeping look at encounters with and legacies of the book, examining the global impact of Silent Spring over its half century of existence and considering the ways in which Rachel Carson’s ecological worldview equips us to understand and confront current and future challenges to our planet.