About this issue

Fifty years have passed since the publication of Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring, the influential work that many credit with launching the modern environmental movement. This issue of RCC Perspectives takes a sweeping look at encounters with and legacies of the book, examining the global impact of Silent Spring over its half century of existence and considering the ways in which Rachel Carson’s ecological worldview equips us to understand and confront current and future challenges to our planet.

How to cite: Culver, Lawrence, Christof Mauch, and Katie Ritson (eds.), “Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring: Encounters and Legacies,” RCC Perspectives 2012, no 7. doi.org/10.5282/rcc/5597.


  • Introduction by Christof Mauch and Katie Ritson
  • Stop Saving the Planet!—and Other Tips via Rachel Carson for Twenty-First-Century Environmentalists by Jenny Price
  • Reading Silent Spring as a Challenge for Contemporary Environmentalism by Lawrence Culver
  • A Fable for Bloomington by Lisa Sideris
  • Rachel Carson and an Ecological View of Health by Nancy Langston
  • Rachel Carson’s Daughter by Joan Maloof
  • Saint Rachel by Christof Mauch
  • Carson Survives through the Silent Spring by Akrish Adhikari
  • Rachel Carson Scholarship—Where Next? by Maril Hazlett