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When the mystical marketing of Himalayan medicines elides the social and ecological worlds of Himalayan meadows.

What can we learn from human responses to epidemics and pandemics in history? What insights can ecological and environmental humanities perspectives provide? This new and growing collection of annotated links to open-access media (analyses, primary sources, and digital resources) helps put pandemics in context.

This article briefly retraces the history of a Florentine botanical museum as a reflection of changes in people-plant relations.

This article discusses forest beekeeping in the Russian Far East and its unique role in protecting primary forests in the context of Aristotelian ethics.

Historical documents provide detailed descriptions of ice-jam flood events and climate impacts in riverine communities.

Astrid M. Eckert’s West Germany and the Iron Curtain takes a fresh look at the history of Cold War Germany and the German reunification process from the spatial perspective of the West German borderlands that emerged along the volatile inter-German border after 1945.

This film is an audio-visual ethnographic project lived together with the peasant family Franco Gauto, in Colonia Luz Bella, rural Paraguay.

The blooming desert in a 1940s magazine ad showcases the idyllic landscapes and conspicuous absences in atomic bucolic imagery.

This article investigates forest policy in the period of dictatorship of Ioannis Metaxas in Greece.

The natural-looking Boston Harbor Islands have been shaped by the city of Boston for centuries, making them into urban islands.