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This article reconsiders the relevance of Peter Kropotkin’s notion of mutual aid in evolution, which holds that cooperation is a more decisive factor than competition both among human and nonhuman animals.

A book by Catherine Whittaker, Eveline Dürr, Jonathan Alderman, and Carolin Luiprecht on watchfulness and the fight against structural inequalities in US–Mexico borderlands.

A monograph on the history of sacred mountains on a global scale since 1500.

In this article, the authors re-envision the ‘shifting baseline syndrome’ in an ecological context.

Book excerpt from former Rachel Carson Center fellow Alan MacEachern’s The Institute of Man and Resources: An Environmental Fable. Learn about how Prince Edward Island in Canada tackled the oil crisis of the 1970s by investing in renewable resources.

An enduring legacy of the antinuclear movement is its construction of a narrative connecting human survival to nature’s beneficence.

Fencing for biosecurity reasons is a contentious topic among pig farmers, environmental organizations, politicians, and borderland communities.

A monograph on the postwar fear of scarcity and the influence of “neo-Malthusians.”