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How does a waste incinerator take part in the production of a Swiss landscape?

In 1971, the Bulgarian Socialist government destroyed the cemetery of a Pomak village and built a public bath on its place.

Full text of Entire of Itself? Towards an Environmental History of Islands, edited by Rachel Carson Center almunae Milica Prokić and Pavla Šimková,

A reflection on the use of images in environmental history.

The article shows how ecological and geographical features influence the configuration of political space within a region.

The EJAtlas is an interactive online platform coordinated and managed by researchers and activists.

This book chapter examines the 1975 Nordic Council conference at Frostavallen in Sweden as a transnational media event which specifically sought to articulate a green modernity to the outside world.

This article investigates the 1974 Nordic Environmental Protection Convention and reveals aspects not previously discussed.

An article on the methods of German landscape gardener Friedrich Ludwig von Sckell (1750–1823).

A reflection on new approaches to ecological restoration in environmental history.