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Lunchtime Colloquium at the Rachel Carson Center with Alf Hornborg.

The residents near Wolsong Nuclear Power Plants at Gyeongju, South Korea, protest to claim their rights to live with dignity.

This article sheds light on the diversity of meanings and connotations that tend to be lost or hidden in translations between different conceptualizations of nature in East and South-East Asia.

This article examines how a scalar divide has been negotiated visually, focusing in particular on Ed Hawkins’ 2016 viral climate spiral.

This essay examines how the fossil fuel energy regimes that support contemporary academic norms in turn shape and constrain knowledge production.

In this episode from the New Books Network podcast, Alice Crary and Lori Gruen are interviewed on their recent book, Animal Crisis: A New Critical Theory.

This article challenges the common view on anthropocentrism.

Roth, Emmanuelle. “The ‘Truth about Ebola’: Insecure Epistemologies in Post-Outbreak Forest Guinea.” PhD diss., Cambridge University, 2022.