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This article discusses sea farming and feminist environmental humanities.

This article discusses apocalyptic imagination in and beyond the sciences.

This article discusses the future of the environmental humanities and their relation to geoscience.

In this article, Steven Yearley writes about the problems and possibilities of scholars and scientists issuing warnings to leaders and policy-makers.

In this article, Rosi Braidotti explores the relation between posthumanism and the environmental humanities.

In this essay, inaugural issue editors Steven Hartman and Serpil Oppermann introduce the new open-access journal Ecocene.

A centuries-old military island in the Helsinki archipelago is shaped by competing forces of abandonment and infrastructural development.

In the first half of the eighteenth century, the Portuguese Atlantic coast was affected by windblown sands moving from the ocean to inland areas.

This article examines the implementation of the Gösgen Nuclear Power Plant in Switzerland, as well as its surrounding controversies.

This page lists syllabi, articles, and other online resources on the topic of environmental justice.