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Garcia-Lopez, Gustavo A., and Camille Antinori, "Between Grassroots Collective Action and State Mandates: The Hybridity of Multi-Level Forest Associations in Mexico"

Gustavo A. Garcia-Lopez and Camille Antinori trace and analyze the historical processes driving formation and change of Mexican inter-community forestry associations over time, drawing on survey data and in-depth case studies from two Mexican states.

Pollution on the New River between the United States and Mexico

New River (Spanish: Río Nuevo), which flows between Calexico, US, and Mexicali, Mexico, is known as the most polluted waterway in North America; the pollution is responsible for a number of health, environmental, and political problems.


Earth First! 29, no. 1

Earth First! 29, no. 1 reports on the movement’s victory against the Pacific Lumber Company, the climate and anti-racist camp in Germany, the Northeast Climate Confluence, the international movement of camps and convergences for climate action, and repression against animal activists in Austria.