This animated short film taps into the deep pain of the pandemic, experienced by millions of people all over the world.

Pandemics in Context

What can we learn from human responses to epidemics and pandemics in history? What insights can ecological and environmental humanities perspectives provide? This new and growing collection of annotated links to open-access media (analyses, primary sources, and digital resources) helps put pandemics in context.

"The Viral Creep: Elephants and Herpes in Times of Extinction"

In this special issue on Multispecies Studies, Celia Lowe and Ursula Münster present three open-ended stories of elephant care in times of death and loss: at places of confinement and elephant suffering like the zoos in Seattle and Zürich as well as in the conflict-ridden landscapes of South India, where the country’s last free-ranging elephants live. They call attention to the Asian elephant, a species that is currently facing extinction through the elephant endotheliotropic herpesvirus.

Pollution on the New River between the United States and Mexico

New River (Spanish: Río Nuevo), which flows between Calexico, US, and Mexicali, Mexico, is known as the most polluted waterway in North America; the pollution is responsible for a number of health, environmental, and political problems.