Masdar City: The Soon-To-Be “Eco City”

The United Arab Emirates is known for investing in projects that evoke an image of what the future of technology and efficiency holds. In 2006, the capital city of the UAE (Abu Dhabi) appointed Masdar, an Emirates based company whose principal aim is to promote renewable energy, with the ultimate goal of producing the most environmentally sustainable city in the world. Masdar City will be located in Abu Dhabi and will rely mainly on solar and wind energy. Techniques include building the city on a risen platform, allowing for cooler air thereby decreasing the need for air-conditioning. In 2013 the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) started to erect its headquarters there. The city is envisioned to become home to around 40,000 people and 1,500 companies. Laws intended to reduce carbon emission levels include the prohibition of gasoline-powered automobiles, and infrastructure will be designed to serve pedestrians and cyclists. Upon completion in 2025, Masdar City is anticipated to become an influential model and blueprint for cities that are ready to take action against current environmental concerns.

Contributed by Alex Robles
Course: Modern Global Environmental History
Instructor: Dr. Wilko Graf von Hardenberg
University of Wisconsin–Madison, US

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