Released almost 30 years later, this documentary examines events surrounding the major industrial accident at the trichlorphen plant ICMESA, near Seveso (“Seveso chemical disaster”).

Harvesting Hunger

This exploration of the deepening crisis of food security in India looks at four case studies, dealing respectively with Punjab, Warangal, Kalahandi, and Bellary. These are interspersed by insights into a movement in the Himalayas that may offer alternatives in the form of sustainable agricultural systems, which revive traditional agricultural practices (Beej Bachao Andolan).

"From Resource Scarcity to Pollution Problem: The Production and Environmental Impact of a Swedish Alum Works, 1723–1877"

Wood scarcity at Lovers Alum Works (LAW) restricted the amount of alum produced during a large part of the period of activity (1723–1810s). During the shale fuel period (1810s–1877) the emissions of volatile substances such as cadmium and sulfur increased.