Vandana Shiva: Von Saatgut und Saatgutmultis. [Seeds and Seed Multinationals]

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Verhaag, Bertram. Vandana Shiva: Von Saatgut und Saatgutmultis. [Vandana Shiva: Seeds and Seed Multinationals] Munich: DENKmal-Film: 2010. DigiBeta, 60 min.

Leading up to the film’s release, over 2,000 Indian farmers had commited suicide. Many could see no other way out of the debt they had incurred following catastrophic yields of BT-cotton—a genetically modified cotton around four times more expensive than the varieties used previously. The film profiles the resistance to the multinational corporation that launched the cotton in India in 2002, as well as contrasting the practices of agrochemical industry players with the maintainance of the community seedbank and biodiversity. Foremost among the campaigners is Vandana Shiva, who grounds the struggle of the affected farmers and villagers firmly in the tradition of Mahatma Gandhi’s independence movement. (Source: DENKmal-Film)

© 2009 DENKmal-Film. Trailer used with permission.

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