Schick aber Schädlich [Chic but dangerous]

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Altemeier, Inge. Schick aber Schädlich: Kleidung, die krank macht [Chic but dangerous: Clothes that make you ill]. Hamburg: Altemeier & Hornung Filmproduktion, 2010. HDV, 45 min.

The use of harmful substances in the textile industry poses a threat to the health of textile workers that is often severe and in some cases fatal. Traces of the same substances, which range from the anti-mold agent known as DMF (dimethyl fumarate) to formaldehyde, also pose a threat to those wearing the articles of clothing concerned. Given that production increasingly takes place outside of Europe, in countries where regulation is lacking, and that harmful substances may even have been used in the production of clothes made of organic cotton, this documentary suggests that only clothes made purely from natural textiles offer any kind of security. (Source: Global Film Productions)

 © 2010, Altemeier & Hornung Filmproduktion. Image used with permission. 

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