The Church Rock Uranium Mill Spill

Shaft Drill

The advent of improved drilling technology made the extraction of geological resources easier. However, today we have almost stretched the limits of the earth’s system to its breaking point.


The atmosphere can hold up to 1,500 billion tons of carbon dioxide and still keep global warming under 2°C; the consequences become uncontrollable once this limit is breached.

Centralia Mine Fire

The Centralia mine fire in Centralia, Pennsylvania is a massive underground fire that has been burning for more than 50 years. Beginning in 1962, it has since driven away all but ten (as of 2012) residents.

California Gold Rush

The California Gold Rush begins in 1848 when gold is discovered in Coloma, California. The promise of gold lures around 300,000 people to California and has a huge effect on the natural environment and the development of San Francisco as a world city and California as a state.


Novas Histórias Ambientais da América Latina e do Caribe

About this issue

Esta coletânea reúne alguns dos principais estudiosos das histórias ambientais da América Latina e do Caribe. Ela sugere novas perspectivas para discutir o desenvolvimento do continente no período pós-colonial. Estes ensaios narram histórias variadas sobre as interações complexas entre sociedades, estados, territórios e ecossistemas. Eles questionam narrativas anteriormente aceitas e abrem novos horizontes de interpretação.


Giant Mine opens near Yellowknife – 1948

In 1948 the Giant Mine became a major producer of gold and eventually arsenic trioxide, presenting major pollution problems for local First Nations and a long term legacy issue as 237,000 tons of arsenic remains buried in underground chambers.