indigenous peoples

"Spatio-temporal Visualisation and Data Exploration of Traditional Ecological Knowledge/Indigenous Knowledge"

The authors explore the implementation of Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) and Indigenous knowledge (IK) in mapping efforts, taking cues from previous spatio-temporal visualization work in the Geographic(al) Information System(s)/Science(s) GIS community, and from temporal depictions extant in existing cultural traditions.

"Restoration and the Affective Ecologies of Healing: Buffalo and the Fort Peck Tribes"

In this special section on affective ecologies, Julia Hobson Haggerty, Elizabeth Lynne Rink, Robert McAnally, and Elizabeth Bird study the restoration of bison/buffalo by the Sioux and Assiniboine tribes to their reservation in Montana in the United States. They argue that ecological restoration can promote and facilitate emergent and dynamic processes of reconnection at the scale of individuals, across species and within communities.