indigenous peoples

"Boreal Forest Prospects and Politics: Paradoxes of First Nations Participation in Multi-sector Conservation"

This article explores the prospects and politics of indigenous participation in multi-sector conservation, using the case of the Boreal Leadership Council (BLC) in Canada. It concludes that multi-sector conservation creates both new possibilities for indigenous empowerment and new forms of marginalization through the reproduction of a (post)colonial geography of exclusion.

"Itineraries of Conflict in Arundhati Roy’s Walking with the Comrades"

Alok Amatya studies the depiction of indigenous struggles against the grab of minerals, crude oil, and other natural resources by private and government corporations in works such as Arundhati Roy’s travel essay Walking with the Comrades (2010). He suggests that narratives of conflict over the extraction of natural resources can be studied as the corpus of “resource conflict literature,” thus generating a global comparative framework for the study of contemporary indigenous struggles.

"What the Gringos Brought: Local Perspectives on a Private Protected Area in Chilean Patagonia"

The authors explore the case of a Privately Protected Area (PPA) in Chilean Patagonia to learn its impact on local residents. Based on in-depth, semi-structured interviews, they find that the park has been detrimental to local livelihoods, has disrupted systems of production, and has elicited a negative emotional response.