acid rain

Wild Earth 6, no. 1

In Wild Earth 6, no. 1 Bill McKibben imagines new organizations like “MACHO” (Manly and Courageous Hunters Organization), Stephanie Mills visits Leopold’s shack, and Daniel Dancer seeks a deep photography ethic.

Air Pollution and Acid Rainfall Damage the Ecosystem in Mount Mitchell

In 1988 scientists accept evidence that industrialization in the Ohio and Tennessee Valleys are to blame for increases in acid rainfall in Mount Mitchell, North Carolina, creating an environment where trees, bushes, and wildlife cannot survive.

Norwegian Government Implements Carbon Tax on Emissions due to Acid Rain

Earth First! 5, no. 4

This issue of Earth First! features the demonstration against the Canyonlands Nuke Dump (for nuclear waste) by a group of EF!ers. Steve Smith and Barbara Steele discuss the demonstration for wilderness in Montana, R. F. Mueller and Mona Saxena describe how Swedish technocrats are a threat to a salmon river, and the effects of acid rain are problematized.

Earth First! 6, no. 5

In this issue of Earth First! George Wuerthner and Reed Noss present designs for an ecosystem preserve in Montana and a vast forest wilderness in Ohio. Tom Stoddard contributes an essay on sacred cows in Ethiopia, Andrew Bard Schmookler questions whether anarchy should be a goal within the environmental movement, and Kevin Proescholdt discusses acid rain.

Economic Development in Chongqing, China, Increases Air Pollution and Causes Acid Rain