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The Extinction of the Passenger Pigeon

The passenger pigeon, once one of the most abundant birds in the world, is pushed to extinction in 1914 by deforestation and the commercial consumption of its meat.


Learning to Celebrate Our Human Footprint

Society’s approach to environmental protection has so far relied on certain prevailing, but perhaps specious, beliefs—that we cannot impact the environment positively, or that environmental protection is incompatible with economic growth. Braungart explores how, rather than making ineffective changes to an already broken system, it would be more beneficial to rethink that system entirely.

Managing the Unknown: Essays on Environmental Ignorance

Managing the Unknown offers essays that show that deficient knowledge is a far more pervasive challenge in resource history than conventional readings suggest. Furthermore, environmental ignorance does not inevitably shrink with the march of scientific progress. This volume combines insights from different continents as well as the seas in between and thus sketches outlines of an emerging global resource history.

Reflecting on Unruliness

This reflection on unruliness refers to all papers in the volume, demonstrating how the concept of unruly environments provides a perspective of human-nature relationships from the vantage point of humans.

The Ecological Sustainability of Local Food Systems

Although simply reducing food miles does not guarantee a more sustainable diet, choosing to participate in alternative local food systems instead of the conventional food system is a sure way to increase your access to environmentally friendly food and to support more ecologically sustainable agricultural practices.