About this issue

Today, in an era of consumerism and cheap, throwaway products, we are producing more waste than ever. In response, many are calling for radical changes in our habits and lifestyles; companies and municipalities are embarking on ambitious plans to become “zero waste.” But is a world without waste truly achievable? The essays in this volume of RCC Perspectives discuss zero waste as a vision, as a historical concept, and as an international practice. Going beyond the motto of “reduce, reuse, recycle,” they reflect on the feasibility of creating closed material cycles and explore real-world examples of challenges and successes on the way to zero waste.

How to cite: Mauch, Christof, ed. “A Future without Waste? Zero Waste in Theory and Practice,” RCC Perspectives: Transformations in Environment and Society 2016, no. 3. doi.org/10.5282/rcc/7540.