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Unruly Paradise—Nature and Culture in Malibu, California

Looking at nature and culture in Malibu, California, this paper looks at how natural processes occurring in rapid succession—over months and years—have been subject to efforts to turn the area into a tame and orderly garden as part of a linear understanding of progress, closely linked to civility and the cultivation of nature.

Unruly Environments

About this issue

Bringing together scholarship from across the globe, this volume of RCC Perspectives aims to shed light and stimulate discussion on the past, present, and future of the “unruly” environments that frustrate efforts at social and environmental control.


California Gold Rush

The California Gold Rush begins in 1848 when gold is discovered in Coloma, California. The promise of gold lures around 300,000 people to California and has a huge effect on the natural environment and the development of San Francisco as a world city and California as a state.