About this issue

This volume of RCC Perspectives, featuring artwork by Australian artist Mandy Martin, is a tribute to the wonderful career of Jane Carruthers. It is also an exploration of South Africa’s contributions to world environmental history and the sister disciplines along its edges. A pioneer of environmental history in South Africa, Jane Carruthers is also a leader in global and transnational environmental history and a distinguished biographer. This volume explores some of the partnerships between environmental history and other intellectual endeavours, particularly those where Jane Carruthers’ work has been inspirational: animal studies, natural resource management, the history of biology, and the broader environmental humanities.

How to cite: Mauch, Christof, and Libby Robin (eds.), “The Edges of Environmental History: Honouring Jane Carruthers,” RCC Perspectives 2014, no. 1. doi.org/10.5282/rcc/6255.



Part 1: Thinking with Animals

Part 2: Inside and Out Wildlife Reserves

Part 3: Knowing Nature

Part 4: Environmental Injustice and the Promise of History