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“Drought, Mud, Filth, and Flood: Water Crises in Australian Cities, 1880s–2010s” was created by Andrea Gaynor, Margaret Cook, Lionel Frost, Jenny Gregory, Ruth Morgan, Martin Shanahan, Peter Spearritt, Susan Avey, Nathan Etherington, Elizabeth Gralton, and Daniel Martin (2019) under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license. This refers only to the text and does not include image rights. Please click on an image to view its individual rights status. Thumbnails of the following images appear on the exhibition landing page:

Map of Australia showing the location of the exhibition’s five cities. Illustration by Nathan Etherington, 2019.


Snippets from front pages of The West Australian from the early 1950s, a time of frequent water restrictions. The West Australian, 17 December 1953 and 18 January 1950.


Mannum-Adelaide pipeline under construction. Completed in 1955, the pipeline connected Adelaide to Murray River. Unknown photographer, 1953.


Brisbane is flooded by the second and third highest recorded floods within a fortnight. Unknown photographer, 1893.


Artist’s impression of the Warragamba Dam published with Sydney Water Board promotional material in 1957. Unknown illustrator, 1957.


Mrs. J. Asbury gives her daughter Barbara a lift across the flooded drain outside her home in Cuthbert Street, Reservoir in Melbourne, Victoria. Photograph by Len Drummond, 1953.


Perth’s Southern Seawater Desalination Plant converts seawater from the Indian Ocean to drinking water, to meet more than half of Perth’s scheme water demand. Photograph by Nearmap Australia Pty Ltd, 2019.


This graph, published in the Argus during the drought of 1938, shows Victoria’s annual rainfall since 1874. Unknown illustrator, ca. 1938.