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Cover of the Perspectives issue Beyond Doom and Gloom



“Dear _______”: Writing Our Way Beyond Doom and Gloom
Elin Kelsey

Between People

A Letter to a (Composite) Student in Environmental Studies
Thomas Princen

A Letter to James Lovelock
Sherilyn MacGregor

A Letter to Subhash Palekar, Natural Farmer
Daniel Münster

A Letter to Yvon Chouinard
Seth Peabody

A Letter About the Letter to Prison: Russian Environmental Activism, Political Protest, and the Value of Participation
Anna Mazanik

Crossing Space

Dear Little Rock: The Ironic Plot in Civil Rights and Environmental Historiography
Nicole Seymour

A Memory from the North Sea Coast
Katie Ritson

A Letter to the Citizens of Hangzhou
Fei Sheng

Across Generations

Dear Optimistic Future Self
Cameron Muir

A Letter to My Father
Chioma Daisy Onyige

Advice for Greenies in a Complicated World
Jenny Price

Dear Alyssum
Elin Kelsey