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The Lost Lakes of Bangalore
Nagendra, Harini, Unnikrishnan, Hita Arcadia, Spring 2018, no. 13
Plant Politics in Karachi
Ginn, Franklin Arcadia, Spring 2018, no. 12
John Anthony Allan’s “Virtual Water”: Natural Resources Management in the Wake of Neoliberalism
Stack Whitney, Kaitlin, Whitney, Kristoffer Arcadia, Spring 2018, no. 11
Making the “European Yellowstone”—Unintended Consequences or Unrealistic Intentions?
Iordachescu, George Arcadia 2018, no. 10
Resistance and Rewilding: The Return of Beavers to Knapdale Forest
Portus, Rosamund Arcadia, Spring 2018, no. 9
The Neste War 1970–1972: The First Victory of the Budding Finnish Environmental Movement
Kaihovirta, Matias, Lindberg, Hanna, Wickström, Mats Arcadia, Spring 2018, no. 8
Rabbits on the Edge: The Belonging of Pests in Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park
Bell, Sarah J. Arcadia, Spring 2018, no. 7
“Moby Dick” in the Rhine: How a Beluga Whale Raised Awareness of Water Pollution in West Germany
Kleemann, Katrin Arcadia, Spring 2018, no. 6
From Pulley to Pipe: The Decline of the Wells of Bangalore
Nagendra, Harini, Unnikrishnan, Hita Arcadia, Spring 2018, no. 5
A Shaggy-Bear Story: An Environmental History from a Remote Region
Moon, David Arcadia, Spring 2018, no. 4
Friedrich Haberlandt’s Failed Vision: Soy in European Food Cultures, 1873–1945
Langthaler, Ernst Arcadia, Spring 2018, no. 3
Once Upon a Game Reserve: Sambisa and the Tragedy of a Forested Landscape
Olaniyan, Azeez Arcadia, Spring 2018, no. 2
The Ecology of Yellow Fever in Antebellum New Orleans: Sugar, Water Control, and Urban Development
Willoughby, Urmi Engineer Arcadia, Spring 2018, no. 1
Destroying to Destroy: Militancy and Environmental Degradation in the Niger Delta
Olaniyan, Azeez Arcadia, Autumn 2017, no. 34
Naturalizing Trout? Fish Farming in German Southwest Africa
Kalb, Martin Arcadia, Autumn 2017, no. 33