"'A Network of Trust': Measuring and Monitoring Air Pollution in British Cities, 1912–1960"

This paper explores how an expert body, The Investigation of Atmospheric Pollution, was established in the face of different interests and agendas, the importance (and difficulties) of technical standard-setting with reference to environmental pollution, and, finally, the uses of environmental monitoring.

"Using Oral History and Forest Management Plans to Reconstruct Traditional Non-Timber Forest Uses in the Swiss Rhone Valley (Valais) Since the Late Nineteenth Century"

In this study, the history of traditional non-timber forest uses is reconstructed by combining the analysis of forest management plans and the results from oral history interviews.

"Mountain Forest Policy in Austria: A Historical Policy Analysis on Regulating a Natural Resource"

Employing a policy analysis framework, this paper inquires into the role institutions played in regulating mountain forests in different political-institutional eras in Austria. Theories from political sciences and environmental history are used for a critical re-analysis of forest historical literature.