nonviolent resistance

Earth First! 25, no. 4

Earth First! 25, no. 4 reports on the protests against logging in the wild Siskyou Mountains in Oregon, on jurisdictional consequences for Earth Liberation Front activists, and features an essay on “Stupidity and Critics of the Ecology Movement.”

Earth First! 24, no. 6

In Earth First! 24, no. 6 Tim Ream describes the friction between Greenpeace hirarchy and local forest defender consensus in Oregon, Jessica Lee reflects on the Recreation fee demonstration Program (fee demo), and Rod Coronado and Chuk’Shon EF! struggle to protect the prairie dog and save the wild ferret.

Earth First! 24, no. 5

In Earth First! 24, no. 5 Abigail reflects on the nuclear policy of the Bush administration, Lenny determines that “institutions of higher learning are coming to resemble police and surveillance states,” and Pippi the Rat describes how leaders of African nations reject GM food aid.