nonviolent resistance

Earth First! 27, no. 6

In Earth First! 27, no. 6 activists report on defending wilderness in Iceland, Brazil’s movement of landless workers, the 2007 Wild Earth gathering, monkeywrenching caterpillars, reclaiming land rights in Canada, and new biofuel made out of forest biomass.

Earth First! 27, no. 4

Earth First! 27, no. 4 features Skyler Simmons’ report on the occupation of West Virginia’s governor by anti-coal environmentalists, the whale protecting “Operation Leviathan,” and Jenny Weber recounts the anti-logging action in Tasmania’s Weld Valley.

Earth First! 27, no. 3

Earth First! 27, no. 3 features essays on the topics of animal testing, the Miami Superbowl protests, resistance and repression in Oaxaca, Mexico, nickel mining in Guatemala, and the role and place of sexuality within the environmental movement.

Earth First! 27, no. 1

Earth First! 27, no. 1 reports on topics such as coal mining in Bangladesh, uprising against the fossil-fuel industry in the UK, the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, and genetically modified organisms escaping their test sites and getting into the food supply.

Earth First! 26, no. 3

Earth First! 26, no. 3 reports from the buffalo field campaign in Montana, gives an account of the activists’ fight against governmental sanctions and the “criminalization of dissent,” and considers relations between the high cancer rates and the multitude of petrochemical plants in Louisiana.