"An Impure Nature: Memory and the Neo-Materialist Flip at America’s Biggest Toxic Superfund Site"

This essay reflects on an incident in 1995, when 300 snow geese died in the flooded Berkeley Pit, a toxic open pit copper mine in the northwestern United States. In his analysis the author draws on new materialist theoretical approaches that reject anthropocentric thinking and instead emphasize the powerful materiality of cultural phenomena.

"The Environmental Impact of Industrialisation in South Wales in the Nineteenth Century: 'Copper Smoke' and the Llanelli Copper Company"

The first part of the paper discusses the social, economic and legal history of the copper smoke problem, and the technology employed to control emissions. The second part deals with the chemical composition of copper smoke and estimates the output and dispersion of copper smoke and other metal fumes from the Llanelli Copper Company’s works in the 1860s.