CAMPFIRE Project Zimbabwe

In an effort to promote the longevity of endangered species and the financial stability of communities in Zimbabwe, the Communal Areas Management Programme for Indigenous Resources (CAMPFIRE) was founded. Hunters can pay for licensure to shoot one prized game animal in Zimbabwe, with proceeds going to wildlife conservation.


How Local is Slow Food?

Daniel Philippon looks at local food and how it coincides with Slow Food, given that Slow Food constitutes both a distinctive articulation of the local food movement and the closest thing to an institutional embodiment of that movement as we are likely to find.

"Environmentalism in Ireland: Ecological Modernisation versus Populist Rural Sentiment"

This paper examines the contestation of two forms of environmentalism, institutional ecomodernism versus a grassroots ecopopulism within the context of the ongoing dispute between a local community in the west of Ireland and both multinationals and the state, who are attempting to run gas pipelines from the Atlantic Corrib Field through the rural community’s lands.