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This film examines the history and future of energy in America. It advocates for a transition to green energy through individual action.

Gas Hole

This film criticizes America’s dependency on oil, explains how oil companies were able to establish their power, and provides information on viable and affordable alternatives to petroleum fuel.

Dolphin Protection Consumer Information Act Signed

The Dolphin Protection Consumer Information Act is enacted by the US Congress on 28 November 1990. The act makes it illegal to label tuna products as “dolphin safe” unless the fishing boats and their practices were monitored.


"The Desert and the Garden: Climate as Attractor and Obstacle in the Settlement History of the Western United States"

This article examines climate and perceptions of climate as factors in the migration and settlement history of the western United States. It focuses on two regions of great interest in the nineteenth century: The so-called Great American Desert in the western Great Plains and the Mexican state of Alta California, which after 1848 became the US state of California.