“Zwischen Staunen und Zweifeln” [Between amazement and doubt]

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“Zwischen Staunen und Zweifeln.” Cover.

Niedersteiner, Peter. “Zwischen Staunen und Zweifeln: Motive, Haltungen und Dilemmata der zeitgenössischen imkerlichen Praxis aus ethnologischer Sicht und Konzeptvorschlag für eine Imkerei nach dem Modell der solidarischen Landwirtschaft.” PhD diss., Ludwig-Maximilian University, 2020. https://doi.org/10.5282/oph.7

In recent years, the honeybee has become a focus of public attention. Stylized in the socio-political discourse as an indicator of the health of the world, it has thus become the likeable “postergirl” of the insects threatened by environmental degradation. Countless newspaper articles on the topic of honeybee decline have been published in recent years, often in connection with the question of whether the bees’ death would also deprive humans of their livelihood. In this discourse, however, a central point seemed to receive comparatively little attention: Currently it must be assumed that there is a beekeeping person behind almost every honeybee that floats on our meadows, gardens, and balconies. If there is a beekeeper involved in all these bee colonies, shouldn’t we know more about these people? What different motivations do they have for beekeeping and what problems do they face? What is their attitude towards their bees and how is it reflected in beekeepers’ different solution strategies? (From the English summary)

Zwischen Staunen und Zweifeln is Peter Niedersteiner’s dissertation, published via Open Publishing in the Humanities, Ludwig-Maximilian University.

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