Water Makes Money

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Franke, Leslie, and Lorenz, Herdolor. Water Makes Money. Hamburg: coop99, Kern Filmproduktion GmbH, 2010. HD, 82 min. https://youtu.be/ANsBNc3os6c.

Ten to fifteen years ago, a wave of privatization of water supply started, which has been continuing since all over the world. The enduring consequences - such as slums cut off from the access to clean water and dry faucets in London - are sufficiently known. Nowadays no one talks about privatization, but about business concepts such as private public partnerships. The only thing that counts here is the capital which “creates” the infrastructure through loans. However, in these days of limited public finances, budgeting competence is as important as the technical mastering of water management. Many communities however are risking being cheated by big corporate groups. Water Makes Money is a documentary about the biggest water companies and the resistance against them. It shows how the “money printing machines” of the companies work, especially in France and in German cities like Berlin or Braunschweig. It also shows the lesson affected municipalities have learned, namely that water in public hands is necessary and possible! (Source: Official Film Website)

© 2010 coop99, Kern Filmproduktion GmbH. Trailer used with permission.

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