Saubere Ernte—Mavuno Safi [Clean Crop—Cotton as Fate]

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Heller, Peter. Saubere Ernte—Mavuno Safi [Clean Crop—Cotton as Fate]. Munich: filmkraft Peter Heller Filmproduktion GbR, 2002. Color, 50 min.

The film tells the story of two villages in East Africa. For generations their inhabitants have been living on cotton, the most important raw material of our clothing industry. One village counted on industrialization with much technology and costly imported chemistry—today it is suffering from back-breaking debts. The other village tried organic agriculture instead, and after a few years it was able to harvest moderate wealth and confidence for the future. (Source: filmkraft)

© 2002 filmkraft Peter Heller Filmproduktion GbR. Trailer used with permission.

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