100% Baumwolle: Made in India [100% cotton: made in India]

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Movie still of a sprayer in the field from the film 100% Baumwolle: Made in India [100% cotton: made in India]

Altemeier, Inge. 100% Baumwolle: Made in India [100% cotton: made in India]. Hamburg: Altemeier & Hornung Filmproduktion, 2003. 30 min.

Inge Altemeier’s documentary examines how the use of pesticides contaminates whole regions and destroys the health of cotton farmers in India, among whom average life expectancy is 35. Further, pesticide traces are discovered locally in drinking water as well as in finished products in Europe, where the same substances have long been considered too dangerous to use. Competition from China and Bangladesh, as well as resistance to the pesticides among pests, further complicate the rationale for a sustained dependence on highly toxic substances. A German independent journalist and film-maker, Altemeier made the film with the support of the Directorate General for Development at the European Commision to promote better understanding of development issues. (Source: Adapted from the Official Film Website)

© 2003 Altemeier & Hornung Filmproduktion. Film still used with permission. 

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