Percy Schmeiser: David gegen Monsanto

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Verhaag, Bertram. Percy Schmeiser: David gegen Monsanto [Percy Schmeiser: David Against Monsanto]. Munich: DENKmal-Film, 2009. DigitBeta, BlueRay, 65 min.

It begins with the contamination of the farmer Percy Schmeiser’s canola crops in Bruno, Saskatchewan in Canada, with a patented, genetically modified crop—a product released into the environment by a multinational corporation that from this point on would employ all available means of pursuing its interests. Around the world, this story represents the bitter truth. It’s the real-life experience of Canadians Percy und Louise Schmeiser, winners of the Alternative Nobel Prize, who have been fighting chemical and seed manufacturer Monsanto since 1996. Today, nearly three-fourths of genetically manipulated plants harvested worldwide originated in Monsanto labs.The Schmeisers and their allies are not only fighting against Monsanto – and for their livelihood as farmers – but for the right to freedom of speech and to their property. And, above all, they are campaigning for the future of their children and grandchildren – so that they, too, will have the chance to grow up in a world free from genetically-manipulated food. (Source: Adapted from Official Film Website)

© 2009 DENKmal-Film. Trailer used with permission.

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