Paradise Blues: Travels Through American Environmental History

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Paradise Blues. Cover.

Mauch, Christof. Paradise Blues: Travels Through American Environmental History. Translated by Lucy Jones. Winwick: The White Horse Press, 2024.

Paradise Blues is an unconventional history of the United States of America, an unusual travel guide that follows and renders visible the country’s paths of nature, history and civilisation. Christof Mauch is a leading German historian who has spent many years in the US and in this book he attempts, from a European perspective, to grasp the diversity of American culture and the transformation of its environments, combining travel reporting with nature writing, personal observation and philosophical reflection. Mauch seeks the familiar in unfamiliar places and the curious in places that seem common and well-known. (Source: The White Horse Press)

Paradise Blues is a new book on American environmental history by Christof Mauch, co-founding director of the Rachel Carson Center for Environment & Society. The book has previously been published in German under the title Paradise Blues: Reisen in die Natur und die Geschichte der USA (dtv, 2022).

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