Muddy Thinking in the Mississippi River Delta: A Call for Reclamation

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Muddy Thinking in the Mississippi River Delta. Cover.

Randolph, Ned. Muddy Thinking in the Mississippi River Delta: A Call for Reclamation. Oakland: University of California Press, 2024.

Muddy Thinking in the Mississippi River Delta uses the story of mud to answer a deceptively simple question: How can a place uniquely vulnerable to sea level rise be one of the nation’s most promiscuous producers and consumers of fossil fuels? Organized around New Orleans and South Louisiana as a case study, this book examines how the unruly Mississippi River and its muddy delta shaped the people, culture, and governance of the region. It proposes a framework of “muddy thinking” to gum the wheels of extractive capitalism and pollution that have brought us to the precipice of planetary collapse. Muddy Thinking calls upon our dirty, shared histories to address urgent questions of mutual survival and care in a rapidly changing world.(Source: University of California Press)

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