Interview with Allison Cobb, author of Plastic: An Autobiography

Limorenko, Galina | from Multimedia Library Collection:
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Limorenko, Galina. “Allison Cobb, ‘Plastic: An Autobiography.’” New Books in Science, April 20, 2021. Mp3, 56:58.

Plastic: An Autobiography (Nightboat Books, 2021) explores how technology, sprung from desire, draws all beings into its net, and asks how to live justly within its grasp.

In Plastic: An Autobiography, Allison Cobb’s obsession with a large plastic car part leads her to explore the violence of our consume-and-dispose culture, including her own life as a child of Los Alamos, where the first atomic bombs were made. The journey exposes the interconnections among plastic waste, climate change, nuclear technologies, and racism. Using a series of interwoven narratives―from ancient Phoenicia to Alabama―the book bears witness to our deepest entanglements and asks how humans continue on this planet.

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In this episode of New Books in Science, Galina Limorenko interviews Allison Cobb, author of Plastic: An Autobiography.

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