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Walsh, Sean. Hauling. Los Angeles: Code 7 Entertainment, 2010. HD, 53 min.

Often regarded as a marginal society, the recycling underworld of Sao Paolo—Brazil’s largest metropolis—is the backdrop to the touching story of Claudines and his family. Hauling reveals the day-to-day life of this man, a father to over 27 children, and of many others who make their living out of collecting and recycling material that others have thrown out. In order to do this, Claudines routinely visits the downtown neighborhood of Santa Ifigenia in his lime-green VW bus. A regular visitor for over five years, he is well known by the local shopkeepers and residents, who often donate not only the usual cardboard and plastic, but also other used goods, such as computer parts which he restores and sells. Claudines and his family serve as a symbol of the thousands of people ion Brazil who resort to recycling in order to make a living and suffer prejudice and discrimination as a result. This film shows us the intimate workings of that universe in an effort to stimulate recycling and to expose these individuals as followers of a noble and respectable way of life. (Source: Official Film Website)

© 2010 Journeyman Pictures. Trailer used with permission.

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