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Prado, Marcos. Estamira. Rio de Janeiro: Zazen Produções, 2005. 35 mm, 115 min.

Estamira tells the story of a 63 year-old woman who suffers from schizophrenia. Estamira has lived and worked for the past 20 years at the waste disposal site of Jardim Gramacho in Rio de Janeiro. Charismatic and maternal, Estamira shares her life with a community of elderly folk at the waste site. Filming began in January of 2000, when Estamira started getting treatment at a state-run psychiatric clinic. The film shows her life during four years of continuous medication; reveals her transformation and the effects the drugs had upon her. In her children’s statements, her arduous existence becomes exposed: her lost childhood in poor, rural Brazil, her tormented loves and marriages, and her frustrations. With a poetic, philosophical and eloquent discourse, Estamira lives for the mission that was set upon her: to reveal and to reclaim the truth. (Source: Zazen Produções)

© 2005 Zazen Produções. Trailer used with permission.

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