The Great Warming

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Taylor, Michael. The Great Warming. US/Canada: Sunfilm, 2006. Color, 85 min.

The Great Warming is not only about our global environment, it also looks at the influence of climate change on politics, religion, science, education, energy and economics. The film interweaves startling statements of fact from scientists, opinion-makers and social leaders with a blunt assessment of America’s leadership—or lack of it—in what is clearly the most critical environmental issue of the 21st century. It examines evidence that human activities are provoking an unprecedented era of atmospheric warming and climatic events: more drought, wildfires, flooding, polar melting, more powerful storms, more variable weather… and unprecedented health impacts. The Great Warming also showcases exciting initiatives aimed at reversing the trend toward permanent damage to our planet, as well as scenes documenting the emerging voice of America’s Evangelical community urging action on climate change from pulpits across the country. (Source:

© 2006 Sunfilm Entertainment. Trailer used with permission.

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