Graphic novel: Asbestos, PQ

Van Horssen, Jessica, and Rhada-Prema McAllister | from Multimedia Library Collection:
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Van Horssen, Jessica, and Rhada-Prema McAllister, Asbestos, PQ: A Graphic Novel. London, Ontario: Western University, 2009.

In Asbestos, PQ, Jessica Van Horssen, with artwork by Rhada-Prema McAllister, tells the story of the rise and decline of Asbestos, Quebec. The town, founded in the late nineteenth century, was shaped by the mining of chrysotile asbestos, a mineral first widely praised for its fireproof qualities, then damned for its harmful effect on human health. The graphic novel, based on Van Horssen’s prize-winning doctoral dissertation, is narrated from the point of view of the mine itself.

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Jessica Van Horssen is Assistant Professor at the Department of History of York University in Toronto. She specializes in in environmental and health issues in Canadian history.