Der Landhändler [The Agricultural Trader]

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Verhaag, Bertram. Der Landhändler: ganz ohne Gentechnik [The Agricultural Trader: Doing without Genetic Engineering]. Munich: DENKmal-Film, 2011. 45 min.

While critics brand him a fool, his customers and supporters hold him in the highest regard. Tinkerer, lateral thinker, and animal feed dealer Josef Feilmeier shows why agriculture has no need for genetic engineering. As genetic engineering entered into agricultural markets, Josef Feilmeier was in favor of it. However, he soon became doubtful and began to seek more comprehensive information on the matter. This film profiles Feilmeier’s current operation, at the center of which stands a storage facility that supplies 500 farmers, from Straubing to Passau, with non-GM animal feed. (Source: Adapted from the Official Film Website)

© 2011 DENKmal-Film. Trailer used by permission.

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