Anne Milne on "British Eighteenth-Century Laboring-Class Poets"

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Carson Fellow Portraits (videos)

Niepytalska, Marta, “Anne Milne on ‘British Eighteenth-Century Laboring-Class Poets.’” Carson Fellow Portraits. Directed by Alec Hahn. Filmed May 2011. MPEG video, 3:41.

Ecocritic Anne Milne, Carson Fellow from January 2010 to July 2011, talks about her research, which focuses on land use transformation, local cultural production, and the how British eighteenth-century laboring-class poets both shaped and were shaped by dynamic and often chaotic landscapes. Anne Milne is an ecocritic who specializes in restoration and eighteenth-century British literature. She holds a PhD in English from McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada and currently teaches in the Bachelor of Arts and Sciences Program at the University of Guelph, Canada.

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Further readings: 
  • Milne, Anne. "New Directions in Labouring-Class Studies: Ecocriticism." Key Words: The Journal of the Raymond Williams Society 8 (2010): 46–7.