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“Radical Environmentalism’s Print History: From Earth First! to Wild Earth” was created by Bron Taylor (2018) under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license.

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Earth First! fist

Introducing Earth First!


Edward Abbey. See Earth First! 9, no. 5.



“Doug Fir,” a prodigious tree-climber, hangs a banner from an old growth tree in the Middle Santiam. See Earth First! 5, no. 6.

The First Decade


Judi Bari offers 12,000 pro-Headwaters signatures to PL president John Campbell.

The Second Decade


This image, from a 1990 journal edition, communicates the persistent internal struggles regarding the priorities of Earth First! See Earth First! Journal 10, no. 8.

The Third Decade and Beyond


Collage of Earth First Fists. Created with Turbocollage.

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