Everything is waste. Irrespective of their value, all materials and living things eventually become obsolete. At the same time, waste is life. Formerly discarded objects come to second life through reuse or recycling. Waste is one of the most complex, contested, and charged objects we humans deal with in our daily lives. The objects, texts, videos, and podcasts in this collection display the life of waste in six chapters. Historian Simone M. Müller shows how humans produce, move, and conceive of waste. Get to know the power of waste, and learn about the different mechanisms that we have found to cope with the trash in our lives.

Müller, Simone M. “The Life of Waste.” Environment & Society Portal, Virtual Exhibitions 2018, no. 3. Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society. doi.org/10.5282/rcc/8452.

ISSN 2198-7696 Environment & Society Portal, Virtual Exhibitions