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The author would like to thank two anonymous peer reviewers for their feedback, and the team from the Environment & Society Portal at the Rachel Carson Center for their support and assistance throughout this project. Thanks go to Katrin Kleemann and Iris Trautmann for the coordination and communication about all points of the project, to Katie Ritson, Kimberly Coulter, and Jonatan Palmblad for their editorial assistance, to Susanne Köller for her work on the German text, and to Mara Appelhagen and Anne Schilling for their help with the formatting.

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Wilke, Sabine. “Human-Nature Relations in German Literature: A Curated Stroll through a History of Entanglement.” Environment & Society Portal, Virtual Exhibitions 2018, no. 4. Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society.

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“Human-Nature Relations in German Literature: A Curated Stroll through a History of Entanglement” was created by Sabine Wilke (2018) under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license.

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Images featured on the exhibition landing page

An urban forest in Jakarta, Indonesia. Photograph by Yogas Design.


Gottfried Keller, Landschaft mit Gewitterstimmung [Landscape with approaching thunderstorm], 1842. Watercolor, 35 x 47 cm. Held by Zentralbibliothek Zürich.


Caspar David Friedrich, Wanderer über dem Nebelmeer [Wanderer above the sea of fog], 1818. Oil on canvas, 98.4 × 74.8 cm. Held by Kunsthalle Hamburg.


Sixteenth-century illustration of the Bolivian city Potosí, from Crónica del Perú. Pedro Cieza de León, 1553.


Drawing of a hunting cabin in the journal Gartenlaube. Joseph Schmittzberger, Jagdhütte im Hochgebirge, 1888.


A fast food container in the forest. Photograph by Netzschrauber.