nonviolent resistance

Earth First! Journal 15, no. 8

In this issue of Earth First! Journal Randy Ghent reports from the protests against MAXXAM/Pacific Lumber (PL) and its proposed logging in the Headwaters Grove, James Barnes discusses the Emergency Salvage Timber Sale Program rider (part of Public Law 104-19), and Michelle Stewart calls for attention to the threat of Hyundai to the Oregon Wetlands.

Earth First! Journal 15, no. 7

In this issue of Earth First! Journal Karen Pickett reports on the occupation of California Department of Forestry where activists protested to save the old growth. In addition, Twilly Cannon tells the story of the French navy’s attack on the Greenpeace ship Rainbow Warrior II and the protests that followed, and Michelle Stewart discusses clearcutting in British Columbia.

Earth First! Journal 15, no. 6

In this issue of Earth First! Journal Phil Nanas discusses the Forest Service, Bill Clinton’s new forest plan, and logging in Gifford Pinchot National Forest; Rebecca Lightbourne gives an update on the actions against road building in Australia; Daniel Remington calls for attention to save grizzly bears from becoming a threatened species; and Lone Wolf discusses the twenty-fifth anniversary of Earth Day.

Earth First! Journal 15, no. 4

In this Earth First! Journal’s editorial Craig Beneville contributes his thoughts on politics, law, and how environmental movements should move forward. In addition, Rod Coronado writes an open letter with the headline: “Spread Your Love Through Action,” and James Barnes discusses the Bison Management Plan.

Earth First! Journal 15, no. 3

In this issue of Earth First! Journal David Barbarash reports on the blockades at the Yukon Highway, where activists protested against killing wolves. In addition, Erik Ryberg brings bad news regarding logging activities in Idaho, and Judi Bari, Mike Roselle, Captain Paul Watson, and others take on the subject of tree spiking.