Sustainable Water

“Can human interference with the global water and carbon cycle be buffered without mankind disappearing?” This is the systemic question that goes beyond the myths and stories told about water.

Crude Impact

This award-winning film exposes just how deep-rooted our dependency on fossil fuels has become, and what this means for those who live in regions affected by oil extraction and for the future of life itself.

"A Dense and Sickly Mist from Thousands of Bog Fires: An Attempt to Compare the Energy Consumption in Slash-and-Burn Cultivation and Burning Cultivation of Peatlands in Finland in 1820–1920"

Burning cultivation of peatlands has been practised in peat-rich countries at one time or other throughout Western Europe. In these and other peat-rich countries, the inclusion of the emissions from burning cultivation could substantially alter historical carbon dioxide emission estimates.

"Potash Production in Northern Sweden: History and Ecological Effects of a Pre-industrial Forest Exploitation"

The authors assert that potash production in northern Sweden lost out to German producers, who started to produce potash industrially at the same time that production in northern Sweden ceased. The ecological significance of the potash production is difficult to estimate…

"From Resource Scarcity to Pollution Problem: The Production and Environmental Impact of a Swedish Alum Works, 1723–1877"

Wood scarcity at Lovers Alum Works (LAW) restricted the amount of alum produced during a large part of the period of activity (1723–1810s). During the shale fuel period (1810s–1877) the emissions of volatile substances such as cadmium and sulfur increased.