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On Water showcases the range of disciplines and methodological approaches that are brought together at the Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society. Water has many different guises—as a resource it can be bottled, dammed, and polluted; as a natural hazard it terrorizes with floods and big freezes; becalmed, water can also serve as a mirror to show us how our understanding of the natural environment is formed. In this volume, nine scholars affiliated with the RCC present their research in the fields of history, philosophy, literary studies, geography, and cultural studies.

How to cite: Kneitz, Agnes, and Marc Landry (eds.), “On Water: Perceptions, Politics, Perils,” RCC Perspectives 2012, no 2. doi.org/10.5282/rcc/5590.


  • Introduction by Agnes Kneitz and Marc Landry

Perceptions: Environmental Knowledge and Knowledge Societies

Politics: Transformation of Landscapes

Perils: Natural Disasters and Cultures of Risk