Wild Earth 7, no. 3

Wild Earth 7, no. 3 features contributions by Bill McKibben on “Job and Wilderness;” Donald Worster on “The Wilderness of History;” Richard Harris on the rivers of Catalonia, Spain; and Andrew Kroll and Dwight Barry on the integration of conservation and community in Colorado.

Reflecting on Unruliness

This reflection on unruliness refers to all papers in the volume, demonstrating how the concept of unruly environments provides a perspective of human-nature relationships from the vantage point of humans.

The Ukrainian Famine "Holodomor": Natural Disaster or Genocide?

In 1932, the Soviet Union dictator Joseph Stalin enacts policies in Ukraine that seek to decimate nationalist aspirations for independence and force collectivization on the peasantry. These measures amplified into a grand famine and led to the death of an estimated 3.5 million people.